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1. World-class ballet in Milan’s La Scala and Rome’s Teatro dell’Opera di Roma charms one and all with music and dance of an international standard.

2. Rome’s Colosseum initial glimpse leaves an overwhelming impact on your mind as the amphitheatre where you can imagine how about 50,000 spectators must have enjoyed immense gladiatorial shows of death and violence at a time.

3. Enjoy your picnic lunch while walking through the parade of well-preserved Doric temples considered one of the greatest legacies of ancient Greece – the Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Agrigento.

4. A visit to Amalfi, the popular holiday base resort, known as the jewel of the Amalfi Coast is a must to explore the area’s glorious past.

5. One can explore the heart of the Italian wine country roads on a scooter to experience the true pleasure of Italy’s best food, wine and culture in Italy’s premier wine producing region – Asti/Piedmonte between Milan and Turin.

6. Enjoy the pleasures of some exquisite outdoor activities in Tuscany such as biking tours, walking tours, trekking tours in Tuscan hills to admire the landscapes, frescoes and savor excellent cuisine and sip Chianti wines while exploring unspoiled charming Tuscan villages.

7. A must on the Italy tour map is a visit to the stunningly beautiful and romantic coastlines of Campania. Visitors will be bedazzled by the spectacular beauty of the backdrop of the Lottery Mountains and blue waters of the Mediterranean making sure you have a perfect and unique vacation in Campania. 

8. Allow yourself the luxury of checking out premiere destinations like San Diego which offers romantic fine dining restaurants, boutiques, and vibrant night life.

9. To experience one of the most beautiful, graceful and inspirational feelings cruise along the charmed canals of Venice, Italy. It also provides you with an opportunity to explore Venetian cuisine, which is unlike any other while you also take in the sights of Piazzo San Marco and the Basilica.

10. Florence allows you to immerse yourself in natural beauty and stunning architecture while at the same time experiencing unmatched art and culture of geniuses such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

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