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Italy travel is all about going out and exploring and one is guaranteed to find a number of tours available in the area. It is all about marveling at architectural masterpieces, shopping, walking and experiencing wine countryside among other attractions. One can however keep certain tips in mind so as to ensure a more stylish and glorious travel experience.

Travel in Florence by the double-decker buses keeping in tune with the hop-on-hop-off policy. Keep in mind that the minimum permissible age for drinking in Milan is 16 years old. As one might have to spend a considerable amount of time walking around it would be wise to be prepared for the weather and ensure one wears comfortable shoes. It would be wise to use the metro services in Rome town as a means to getting around or one could also rent a moped. In Venice as you might be required to walk around a fair bit, wear flats as the areas have a lot of cobblestones.

Italy allows visitors to the country free entry for certain items such as clothing, books, camping equipment, CD player with 10 CD’s, 1 movie camera, 40 cigarettes and a cigars not exceeding 500 grams amongst a few others as long as these items are just for personal use. A person is allowed to carry a maximum of two bottles of wine and one bottle of hard-liquor duty-free.

It is mandatory for tourists to register with the police within 3 days of their arrival. In most cases hotels do the needful but for tourists staying with friends or in a private home, they would need to do it in person at the nearest police station. Visitors with serious illnesses and allergies can carry a special note from their physicians’ certifying the treatment details in progress. A tax refund is provided to non-resident visitors for goods and service tax paid for goods purchased for personal use.

Major credit cards are accepted by most of the decent establishments. Though many Italian banks provide travelers checks, very few places accept them in Italy. However, you should purchase it in euro prior to arrival so that you are able to avoid additional exchange rates. ATM’s known as Bancomat in Italy are to be found in both large cities and even in small towns. It is however, advisable to use regular ATM card to simply withdraw money otherwise you might have to incur large exchange fees if using credit cards.

Tourists arriving in Italy can obtain Euros through any bank, ATM machines or exchange offices at airports, seaports and railway stations. One should keep receipts of currency exchanged just in case you need to reconvert Euros back into dollars while leaving.
Tips are not essential but have become customary in some places and in many establishments you will find the prices cover charges and service. For good services received in restaurants one can leave a small tip if one wishes.

Tourists have to be careful not to purchase counterfeit items as they might land up paying more than the cost of the authentic product because of the hefty fines imposed on these purchases. A visa is not required for a U.S. or Canadian citizen holding a valid passport unless he expects to stay in Italy more than 90 days. Non-American citizens should check current visa requirements with the nearest Italian Consulate before departure. A maximum of five pets can be brought in to Italy if accompanied by their owner or person responsible on behalf of the owner and should not be brought for the purpose of sale.

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